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LOCAL SCRAP CARS are a National company with daily collections throughout the uk. We offer the HIGHEST PRICES, so before selling your car why not give us a call!!!

How to Scrap a Car
The United Kingdom has been suffering from one of the worst recessions that it has seen for a number of decades. This has meant that many British people have been left with diminished incomes and some have even been left without any employment at all. This obviously means that money is tight in many parts of the country and therefore any money that can be saved or made is greatly appreciated.

Having a damaged or faulty vehicle sat on your drive can be a costly affair, even if your car is not functional you are required to keep the tax updated and you will eventually have to pay to have it towed to a garage to be fixed or to a scrap car dealer. However, it is possible to have your car scrapped without having to pay out these exorbitant fees. At LOCAL SCRAP CARS we are able to scrap cars for cash without you having to lay out large sums of money to have your unroadworthy car towed. We will provide you with a CASH OFFER and if you are happy with it we will happily remove your troublesome vehicle absolutely FREE.

Scrap Car Prices
Your car does not even have to be non-functional for us to scrap it; we can PAY CASH for cars in literally any state what so ever. It is a win, win situation for you and your family. The scrap car prices can vary quite substantially depending on the car that you are looking to scrap and of course the condition that it is in. However, we always pride ourselves on offering you the very best deal we possible can for your unwanted car and not only that we will never change our price once we have given it to you. The price we quote is the price that you receive, in cash, in full.

Scrap Cars for Cash
The main reason that car owners keep their unwanted vehicles on their property for so long is that they have absolutely no clue how to scrap a car or scrap cars for cash. This is why we take care of literally everything including the collection of your car for free, taking care of all the relevant DVLA documentation and of course scrapping your car in accordance with all of the rules and regulations the Environment Agency has. The proven method that we use works extremely well and takes all of the effort out of your hands. All you need to do is work out how you would like to spend the cash that we give you.